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Phase II ESA (Enviro Site Assessment)

We don’t do Phase II’s as a side gig – this is what we specialize in! As a family based business, our top priority is that your job is completed safely and in a cost-conscious manner.

Geotechnical Site Assessments

We have the experience and equipment necessary to get your job completed safely and efficiently. Our SPT hammers are designed and manufactured right here in Canada.

Ground Water Monitoring Well Installs

Ground Water Monitoring wells are typically installed in existing solid stem horeholes after sampling is completed. In saturated conditions wells can be installed through hollow stem augers.

Solid Stem Auger Sampling

Solid Stem sampling utilizes a continuously flighted auger. Common sizes used are 4″ (101 mm) and 6″ (152 mm) diameter and are 5′ (1500 mm) long. This method of sampling is generally the most economical.

Hollow Stem Auger Sampling

Hollow stem sampling is completed through the center of the auger. This allows more precise sampling underneath a highly saturated layer. Although less economical, it offers superior sample quality. 3-1/4” ID for regular well installs or split spoon SPT samplings and 6-1/4” ID for installing recovery wells or using as casing.

Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

SPT is used to find the loading capabilities of soils prior to infrastructure being built. To collect this information, blows are counted using a hammer of known weight, dropped from a known height.


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